How I Help

Counseling offered in formats to fit your lifestyle. Pick the format that works best for you.


Individual therapy sessions are offered in-office, outdoors, or via telehealth.
The standard meeting time for psychotherapy is 45-50 minutes. Requests
for a more extended session would need to be discussed with the therapist in
advance for time to be scheduled. All clients are expected to have a
credit card on file, and the fees specified below are due at the time of
service unless a payment plan is arranged in advance. I accept cash, check,
and credit card.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. To get the best value for your
money, we must work hard and be committed. A fee of $20.00 will be
charged for sessions missed or canceled.

Sliding scale options are available, depending on income and ability to pay.
 Mental Health Intake Evaluation and Assessment (90 minutes):
 Individual Therapy Session (45-50 minutes): $120.00
 Individual Therapy Session (80 minutes): $150.00
 Individual Play Therapy Session (45-50 minutes): $120.00
 Caregiver Touch-Base Session (45 minutes): $100.00 (These are
scheduled sessions and do not apply to brief updates.)
 Group/Family Sessions (time duration depending on context):
$100.00 – $150.00
 Therapy Groups (120 minutes): $50/session
 Court Appearance, Court Preparation, and travel time: $130/hour
 Crisis Intervention Services Including Phone or Messaging Service
(billed in 1/2-hour
increments): $20